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Speech by Ambassador MME Deng Ying at the Kick-Start of China-Denmark Giant Panda Joint Research Program

(10th April, 2019, Copenhagen Zoo)

Your Majesty the Queen,

Your Royal Highness the Crown Princess,

Minister Bock, Minister Ahlers

Mr. Chairman, Mr. CEO of the Zoo,

Mr. Tang Guangming, Mr. Zheng Guangda

Ladies and gentlemen,

Very glad to join you on this auspicious occasion to witness the important moment of China-Denmark bilateral relations.

On behalf of the Chinese government, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the Kick-Start of China-Denmark Giant Panda Joint Research Program.

My Danish friends have told me, a friend's home is never far away. The two fluffy charmers Xing Er and Mao Er, travelling thousands of miles to Denmark, give the best footnote to the ever-refreshing and lasting friendship between China and Denmark.

The Royal House have made important contribution to China-Denmark relations. Your Majesty have twice visited China. During your state visit in 2014, President Xi Jinping and you reached important consensus on Joint Research Program of the protection of Giant Pandas, starting a new chapter of friendship .

Since then and during the last five years, China-Denmark exchanges and cooperation at various levels have continuously yielded new results. The two governments jointly released the China-Denmark Joint Work Program. Our comprehensive strategic partnership has evolved both in depth and width, towards a higher level in the new decade.

Amity between the peoples holds the key to sound relations between states. People from both countries are delighted at the arrival of Xing Er and Mao Er. Sichuan Airlines and SAS arranged a comfort ride, while experts accompanied them all along. So much discussion has centered on the arrival of the pandas that make me feel it is genuinely the year of the Panda. The music drama and melodies put up by children from both countries expressed their fondness of fluffy friends, and revealed both the warmth and the depth of our bond.

I have no doubt these two envoys of friendship will fulfill their mission to further friendship between the two peoples. And it would definitely be passed on to the generations to come.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Your Majesty for the unwavering support, and Prime Minister for the continuous attention and personal devotion for the Giant Panda Joint Research Program. Our thanks also go to Mr. Ingels for his wonderful design and Copenhagen Zoo for their thoughtful arrangements, to the people from all walks of life who have invested time and efforts in the joint project.

I believe that under the aegis of Your Royal Highness' patronage, more people would get to know and love the fluffy creatures. They will soon fall in love with their new home and have their happy "hygge" time in Denmark.

Finally, may Xing Er and Mao Er healthy and happy ever after and have their baby soon.

May our friendship ever-deepening!

Thank you!

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