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Political Counselor Hu Hongbo Attends the Celebration Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Sister-City Relationship Between Wuxi and Bycirklen

On Aug 22nd, 2017, political coundselor Hu Hongbo, on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Deng Ying, attended the celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the sister-city relationship between Wuxi and Bycirklen and delivered a speech. Ms. Liu Ling, Vice Chairperson of Wuxi people's political consultative conference, Mr. Sondergaard, Chairman of Bycirklen and Mayor of Egedal, Jesper Würtzen, Mayor of Ballerup, John Schmidt Andersen, Mayor of Frederikssund and around 250 guests also presented.

In his remarks, Mr. Hu introduced the recent progress of Sino-Danish relations and spoke highly of the beneficial results achieved through cooperation. He encouraged the Wuxi and Bycirklen to take the opportunity further enhance sisterly ties and upgrade local exchanges between China and Denmark to an even higher level.

Since the establishment of sister-city in 2007, Wuxi and Bycirklen have carried out fruitful exchanges and cooperation in areas of economy, education, culture, environmental protection, science and technology.

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