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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Deng Ying at the deck reception

Commander Mr. Wang Zhongcai, political commissar Mr. Xu Siqing, all the officers and men,

Commodore Mr. Søren Larsen,

Mr. Laursen, Head of Department of Asia, Latin America and oceania of Danish Foreign Ministry,

Mr. Jeppesen, Chief Adviser of Prime Minister’s Office,

Distinguished guests, Ambassadors,

Dear compatriots and friends,

Welcome to the deck reception tonight. First of all, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, I would like to extend our warmly welcome again to the visit of the 26th Task Group of Chinese Navy to Denmark. Sincere thanks to the Danish government and the Danish Royal Navy for the considerate arrangements and to friends from all walks of life.

The visiting fleet set sail on 1st of April, 2017. During the 6 months of duty on the sea, the fleet has successfully accomplished convoy in the Gulf of Aden, making significant contribution to international maritime security. After accomplishing the convoy, the fleet will pay a friendly visit to Denmark, further pushing forward bilateral military relation and actively send out the voice of harmony and show the strength of peace:

The Chinese military has always kept in line with the defensive national defense policy. The three warships in the task group are newly commissioned, designed and made by China, which represent the topped frontier level of the Chinese maritime armament and historic leap in naval construction of China. China is trying to build up defense capability which commensurate with China’s international status, security and interests of national development. But the strengthening of national defense and military construction is for the sake of preserving national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, and supporting country’s peaceful development. It’s not directed to any country, it won’t pose a threat to anyone and it won’t be more than needed for national security.

Chinese military is always a staunch force for world peace and stability. Peace is the common and lofty goal of mankind. China firmly practices the new concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, uphold the banner of peace, development, cooperation and pursue the win-win situation. China cultivates the awareness of a community of shared future for mankind of international society, builds a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, establishes a fair and effective collective security mechanism and military confidence-building mechanism, actively creates an environment of peace and security for development. China’s will and determination of safeguarding world peace and promoting common development will never change.

Chinese military is willing to strengthen friendly cooperation with other militaries. President Xi Jinping said, everyone belongs to one family in an united world. We need to work together with the international society, including Denmark to build global village where people from all over the world enjoy peace. Chinese military is willing to strengthen cooperation with other militaries including Denmark in coping with traditional and non-traditional threats and working together constantly for peace and common development for all the people. In recent years, China-Denmark bilateral relations have constantly deepened, both sides have achieved fruitful results in areas like politic, culture, trade and security. I believe that in-depth exchanges and communication between two navies will definitely enhance understanding and friendship between two defenses and militaries, push China-Denmark bilateral relations forward and further enrich the meaning of China-Denmark Comprehensive Strategic Partnership! It will surely make fresh and greater contribution to safeguarding the world peace and promoting world prosperity.

Ladies and gentlemen, now let we propose a toast,

For the successful visit of the 26th task group of Chinese Navy

For a brighter future of China-Denmark bilateral and military relations

For the world peace and common development!


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