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Ambassador Deng Ying Attended activities on the occasion of the 26th Batch of Escort Task Group of Chinese PLA Navy visiting at Denmark


The 26th Batch of Escort Task Group(ETG) of Chinese PLA Navy visited Denmark from 25th to 29th September, Ambassador Deng Ying attended activities including welcoming ceremony, exchanges between the ETG and Danish military, the Deck Reception held by the ETG as well as the farewell ceremony.


On the morning of 25th September, led by Commander, Rear Admiral Wang Zhongcai and Political Commissar, Senior Colonel Xu Siqing, the 26th batch of Escort Task Group (ETG) of Chinese PLA Navy arrived at the port of Copenhagen. A grand welcome ceremony was held by Royal Danish Navy, Danish military representatives including Commodore Søren Thinggaard Larsen attended the event. The ETG received a warm welcome from the Chinese Embassy as well as over 400 local overseas Chinese. They cheered the ETG with welcome banners. The lion dance and waist drum parade were also performed during the ceremony.


Ambassador Deng delivered an enthusiastic speech. She warmly welcomed the visiting 26th Batch of ETG 2 years after the previous call at Copenhagen by the 20th Batch of ETG, stressing that the visit not only highlighted the China-Danish military relations, but also mirrors the ever-deepening of China-Denmark Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. She noted that ever since December 2008, 27 batches of ETG had been dispatched to the Gulf of Aden and Somalian waters, successfully accomplishing escorting as well as humanistic aid missions, exhibiting the quality and professionalism of Chinese military. Facts speak out that Chinese military is not only safeguarding China's peaceful development, but also positive force maintaining world peace and regional stability.


In the afternoon, Ambassador Deng, accompanying the chief officers of the ETG, called on deputy permanent secretary of the Ministry of Defense Mr. Jasper Jensen, chief of the planning and coordination department of the royal Danish defense command, Rear Admiral Frank Trojahn, as well as Commodore Søren Thinggaard Larsen of Danish naval task group. The two militaries exchanged views on international security situation as well as their experience in anti-pirate and anti-terror operations, deepening mutual understanding and strategic trust, fostering communication and cooperation.


The same evening, Ambassador Deng attended the Deck Reception held by the ETG and delivered a speech. Ambassador extended warm welcome once again. She also noted that the ETG's friendly visit to Denmark would not only enhance the good relation between the two militaries, but also convey the message of Harmony and uphold the banner of peace. She stressed that the Chinese military has always kept in line with the defensive national defense policy, is always a staunch force for world peace and stability, and is willing to strengthen friendly cooperation with other militaries. Around 600 guests, including officials from the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as ambassadors and military attaches from the Diplomatic Corp, and representatives from the local overseas Chinese, attended the reception.


On 29th September, the 26th Batch of ETG left Copenhagen Port. Ambassador Deng Ying, Royal Danish Navy and military band as well as representatives of local overseas Chinese attended the farewell ceremony. The ETG expressed their sincere gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen, Royal Danish Navy and local overseas Chinese for their warm hospitality.

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