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Notice on Applying for a Group Visa
      Group visa is issued to a tourist group organized by a registered Chinese travel agency (or its Danish travel agency in cooperation)

       1. Materials need to be submitted

       A. A group visa notice issued by National Tourism Administration of P.R.C. or authorized travel agencies like China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd., China International Service Limited, Head Office and China CYTS Tours Holding Co. Ltd. or Chinese tourism administration bureaus of provincial level.

      B. A printed name list of the traveling group.

      C. Photocopy of each group member's passport (personal information page) and submitted in accordance with the order of the name list.

      D. A letter issued by the organizing travel agency with the content of major information about the outgoing travel group, like the group code, number of people in the group, contact person, etc.

      2. Where to apply and the processing time

       A. Where to apply

      Please apply for group visa at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center. If you need to learn the application procedure, you can visit the website: http://dk.visaforchina.org. The center does not accept group visa application sent by post.

      B. Processing time

      The processing time for group visa is 4 working days. No rush or express service provided.

      3. Attention

      A. Other supporting materials besides mentioned above may be required by consular officers.

      B. Whether to issue group visa or not will be decided by consular officers according to the relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

      C. After receiving the group visa, the applicant is required to report to the Visa Application Service Center if there is any mistake found. Otherwise, the applicant shall bear all the responsibility it caused.

      D. The applicant is required to apply for group visa one month (but less than three months) before the group enter China. The applicant shall bear all the responsibility if failed to follow the recommended application time.

      4. Group visa fee

      The Embassy will charge visa fee of 200 DKK per person. The Chinese Visa Application Service Center will charge service fee of 275 DKK (including VAT) per person. The total amount will be (visa fee + service fee) × number of the people in the group 

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